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A splintered society, influenced and ruled by shady ideas and teasing thoughts of fear. The time has come to strike back. Killing Cult Society brings you a sigh from the past toned by a modern approach. A clear vision, a sharp sense of sober nostalgia forms the foundation of this multi-headed-monster.


Hardcore Death Punk, three words that sum up the drive that feeds our music. When Prong, Nine Inch Nails, Nailbomb, Napalm Death and /or Sepultura ring a bell in your programmed mind, KCS will trigger the right move in your slamming moshpit vocabulary.


The architects behind KCS surfaced from a wide variety of musical influences, ensuring a fresh tactic on their outcome. Killing Cult Society was formed by four individuals who are known and loved (or unknown and hated, whatever you please…) for their contribution in bands such as Burst!, Kouwe Makkers, Sin 7 sins, Mötoranus and The Lucifer Principle. The line-up is completed by a wide range of vocalists hailing from bands like The Gathering, Bliksem, and Kouwe Makkers.


Action speak louder than words, so leave the laptoplimelight and dive into the great wide open offered by yours truly….

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